Our Superintendent


Mark Olmstead

We are looking forward to students being back in our schools this fall!  The first day of school for students is Tuesday September 6th.  There are quite a few reasons to be excited about the start of this particular school year!

  • Students and the community can continue to see the progress that is being made in the construction of the new elementary school building.  We are thankful for the voters of the Shelby school district for making this great asset to our students and community become a reality!

  • Plans continue to take shape for refurbishment of the middle school and high school facilities as part of the bond approval as well.  These improvements will start to take place soon after the completion of the new elementary building.  

  • Many teaching staff have been hard at work this summer to prepare various learning opportunities for students as they return for the new school year.  There has been a strong focus on literacy, as many elementary staff have been trained in Logic of English as well as elementary and middle school staff trained in Bookworms.  Both of these literacy programs present various opportunities for all students to reach their reading goals.  

  • We have taken steps to strengthen our partnerships with local law enforcement and first responders through further planning, communication, and organized training.  The intention of these efforts is to continue to ensure a safe learning environment for students and improved coordination between community resources in the process.  

  • Our extracurricular activities of high school band and athletics have continued through the summer as musicians and student athletes alike have worked to improve their skills so they can perform for you and represent our community well at upcoming fall events.

  • There are a large number of quality new staff members joining our team throughout the district.  New staff members have been impressed with the dedication and high level of commitment that the district continues to build in providing meaningful experiences for students and families.  They are excited for the school year to start and be part of these great efforts.

Please contact us to find out more about how you and your family can become a greater part of our Shelby Tiger family.  It indeed is a great time to BE A TIGER!


Mark Olmstead


Shelby Public Schools