Dear Shelby Parents and Community Members,


All of the staff at Shelby Public Schools are excited to start the new school year and we welcome the return of your students.

As everyone is busy getting their classrooms and buildings ready for the school year in anticipation of returning students, I wanted to take an opportunity to share a journey Shelby Schools will embark on starting this school year. This journey, and part of our work this school year, will involve the development and creation of a district-wide strategic plan for Shelby Public Schools.

The overall goal of developing a strategic plan would be to create a vision that would allow us to create a framework with which our district will use to do the right work for our students and build the learning environment they need for the future.

We recognize this plan involves our community, and we want involvement from the Shelby community to help this plan take shape. As the saying goes, it “takes a village to raise a child” and we want to make sure all stakeholders are invited to participate in this process.

Please consider this letter as our invitation to all of you to become an active member in the development of our strategic plan.



Tim Reeves, Superintendent

Shelby Public Schools

Picture of Tim Reeves