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Shelby Public Schools Performance Evaluation System for Teachers

Helping educators understand what good teaching looks like is at the heart of the 5D+ Rubric for Instructional Growth and Teacher Evaluation – a growth-oriented tool for improving instruction.

Version 3 of the 5D+ Rubric is based on the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D) instructional framework, which is derived from an extensive study of research on the core elements that constitute quality instruction. These core elements have been incorporated into the 5D Framework and 5D+ Rubric as five dimensions – Purpose, Student Engagement, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Assessment for Student Learning, and Classroom Environment and Culture – which are divided into 13 subdimensions. The 5D+ Rubric also includes Professional Collaboration and Communication, which is based on activities and relationships that teachers engage in outside of classroom instruction.


Shelby Public Schools uses the 5D+ Instructional Growth and Teacher Evaluation System, Volume 3, for annual evaluations of our teachers.  Please visit the link above for the scoring rubric and more in depth information on 5D+. 

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